Sale of Yellow Cheese "Vitosha" Kashkaval in Fantastiko

Spring sale! From March 17 to April 13 this year (2016) don't miss buying your favourite yellow cheese "Vitosha" by your favourite brand "Hadjiiski and family" for just 9.99 levs per kilo in all supermarkets "Fantastiko"!


At the company work highly motivated, highly educated and qualified and thoroughly trained menaging, organizing and executive workers.

The selection of staff is conducted by the managers of the enterprise by application of standard methods for evaluation and on the basis of the candidates' extensive experience and education.

This results in a minimum staff turnover.

In the production, packaging and storing of dairy products are engaged 22 persons; in trading and transportation of raw milk - 6; in distribution of the processed dairy products are involved 6 persons and 7 work in our own shops.

The team of the company includes the following experts: a technologist, a veterinarian, a zoo-engineer, a laboratory technician, experts in dairy industry, an engineer, etc., all with extensive experience, education and service. If necessary, well-known experts in any field of expertise are asked for consultations.

Except for the formal criteria for the job positions, each selected "worker" passes an introductory training and monthly thematic seminars after a schedule approved by the management of the company and accepted and supervised by a licensed veterinarian from the Regional Directorate for Food Safety. The higher qualification of the staff at responsible positions is carried out and organized by the company.

For the management, the staff's training and education is a priority.